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Premium fabric with personalization, 
for you and your loved ones

Night and Lounge wear comfortable and gentle on skin 

In 2021, I became mother to a lovely and special child, for whom I would go miles researching and finding out what's best for my child, his skin and body in general. That's when I learnt fabric plays an important role in a child's upbringing, as it has to be comfortable, breathable, and gentle on skin, starting from day 1- just few minutes after you welcome your newborn to this world.

Skincare is important for a child too, to avoid any irritation to the skin, or causing any sensitive reactions, which is when I decided to have my kid wear 100% cotton based clothing.

We found many options across endless shopping center aisles and webpages, but we couldn't find enough options for night wear and lounge wear, which were made  of 100% cotton material and affordable yet premium.

We then ourselves sourced some materials of high quality (sensitive to the skin and premium) and then got them stitched at a local tailor shop. Those creations were loved by my kid, as we could see our child being comfortable, happy and joyful, and additionally, people around us kept asking about these night wear as they wanted the same for their kids too!  

And then, the idea, philosophy and concept of Label Sutra established.

In Sanskrit, "sutra" means "thread" , which is the essential part of any piece of clothing.


Today, Label Sutra brings to you, night and lounge wear, premium fabric in nature, which is gentle on skin, and it can be personalized for you and your loved ones. I really hope you like these clothing as much as we do, and it brings some sort of  joy for your loved ones. 

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